New York Divorce Mediation
                                                                                                      Janice Starr, Esq.  &  Jonathan Starr, Esq.

New York Divorce Mediation
New Jersey Divorce Mediation

Offices Located in Rockland, Westchester, Manhattan and Bergen County

New York Divorce MediationMediation Associates of NY and NJ, is a full service mediation firm offering peaceful dispute resolution. Through mediation, we have successfully resolved matrimonial and family disputes, contract disputes, workplace issues, guardianship and wills disputes.  When we are not acting as neutrals in a mediation setting or when mediation is not a viable option, we are attorneys providing effective representation to our clients.  At Mediation Associates of NY and NJ, we provide our clients with all of the legal information to enable them to make informed, knowledgeable decisions about their lives and maintain control over the outcome of their dispute, rather than having the court decide upon their future. Our clients finish their mediation here with a handshake and a sense of satisfaction rather than the bitterness and rage that can accompany adversarial court battles that expend a great deal of time, dwindle the financial resources of both sides, and engage them in the exhaustive expenditure of negative energy.

Attorneys resolving conflicts through Mediation

New Jersey Divorce MediationThose needing help with divorce mediation, renegotiating a contract, dealing with a dispute in the workplace, or  conflicts between family when a loved one dies, need an atmosphere of safety and unconditional regard.   We provide that here, so that not every issue that is "actionable" becomes a litigation. It is a rare and special environment at Mediation Associates of NY and NJ, and our clients resolve their issues with both a respect for the process, and a sense of satisfaction for accomplishing their goal in a respectful, civil and humane manner.



Effectively teaching the law is our special talent and taking the mystery out of such issues as child support and maintenance empower our clients to make informed decisions.  What are the options, choices and permutations?  What might the Court decide on a particular set of facts?

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Mediation Associates of NY and NJ, LLC have offices in Rockland, Westchester, New York City and Bergen County.  We service divorce mediation clients in the Lower Hudson River Valley, including the cities of New City, Orangeburg, Montobello, White Plains, Goshen, Suffern, Pearl River, Scarsdale, Warwick, Monroe, Stony Point, Nyack, Bedford, Nanuet and throughout Rockland County, Westchester County and Orange County, NY.